10. - 12. Oktober 2019


The Interland-Cup 2019 is over. For the "Rollschuh Sport Basel" it was a pleasure to be the host of 11 federations, 150 skaters, 16 officials, and a lot of visitors.

You find here the results and some impressions of the Interland-Cup below. The poster and the programme can be downloaded as well.


The complete final results including the ranking of the nations can be downloaded here. All Panel Details are listed below.


Cadet Ladies Long.pdf
Cadet Ladies Short.pdf
Cadet Men Long.pdf
Cadet Men Short.pdf
Espoir Ladies Long.pdf
Espoir Ladies Short.pdf
Espoir Men Long.pdf
Espoir Men Short.pdf
Junior Ladies Long.pdf
Junior Ladies Short.pdf
Junior Men Long.pdf
Junior Men Short.pdf
Minis Ladies.pdf
Senior Ladies Long.pdf
Senior Ladies Short.pdf
Senior Men Long.pdf
Senior Men Short.pdf
Tots Ladies.pdf
Youth Ladies Long.pdf
Youth Ladies Short.pdf
Youth Men Long.pdf
Youth Men Short.pdf


Photos by Ranerio Corbeletti (Website, Facebook)

Opening Ceremony
17 Bilder
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony of the Interland-Cup
Medal Ceremonies
22 Bilder
Medal Ceremonies
Medal Ceremonies of the Interland-Cup 2019



We thank the sponsors and all companies advertising in the programme of the Interland-Cup